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Phoenix has been active in the Consumer Goods and Retail sectors for over 10 years, conducting both qualitative and quantitative custom research in the general market and multicultural markets. Our goal is to generate actionable insights regarding markets, consumers, and shoppers in order to drive our clients’ business growth. Experience includes the full spectrum of research techniques used for market sizing, product innovation, branding, and advertising measurement. We offer leading edge expertise in segmentation, attitude and usage, concept testing, product and package testing, copy testing, pre and post ad effectiveness, brand tracking, sales forecasting, and marketing mix optimization.

Phoenix’s multicultural expertise includes several proprietary approaches and over 500 studies focusing on the Hispanic, Asian, and African American markets. Phoenix developed the first acculturation model in the US which provides a baseline for understanding change in multicultural markets such as Hispanic or Asian American. Phoenix’s multicultural brand equity model incorporates loyalty to brands from the home country, providing holistic insight into buying behavior in the US. Our Multicultural Advertising Performance Analysis (MAPA) is a unique copy testing technique that goes beyond standard measures to define the elements of ‘cultural connection’ that drive success of the advertising.

Phoenix has conducted research for a wide range of leading manufacturers in the food, beverage, and personal care categories. Our ability to deliver quality results fast, combined with our freedom to be both flexible and creative in delivering solutions, is why our clients return to us time and time again.

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Consumer Goods Leadership

John Antonello // Managing Director // Travel & Leisure // Consumer Goods

John is Managing Director of The Travel & Leisure Group of Phoenix Marketing International....

With over 25 years of experience in custom marketing research, John has conducted research to support many business decisions including new product development, brand and positioning strategies, customer satisfaction, and strategic planning.

Having worked with most of the leading travel companies, John leads one of the most experienced travel research firms ever assembled. This team includes senior level executives, knowledgeable both in research and travel, who provide a high-level of analytical insight and client consultation.

The Consumer Goods team John leads has extensive experience with both global and multicultural research, and uses cutting edge approaches to conduct concept testing, ad testing, attitude & usage studies, brand health tracking, and sales forecasting. John and the team have worked with numerous Fortune 100 clients in Consumer Packaged Goods, Personal Care, OTC Healthcare, Retail, and a mix of other industries.

Prior to joining Phoenix Marketing International, John was President of Plog Research, an independent research firm focused on Travel, Leisure, and Entertainment research, that was later acquired by NFO. Before Plog, John was Research and Development Director for Reed-Elsevier, a major media and publishing company. John graduated Magna cum Laude with a BS in Business from Montclair State University.

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